Top 5 dildos in 2022

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For some people, picking the ideal dildo might be a daunting process. You cannot stop yourself from thinking about the overwhelming picture of silicone penises when someone says dildo. Still, many more options are available if you’ve ever visited a sex toys store and seen aisles and shelves of veiny dildos. Not all dildos are penis-shaped. Several of them are curved, while others are patterned with bumps and grooves exactly like a vibrator (without the vibrations). Every dildo is different from the other and has different features.

We’ve got your back if you’re unfamiliar with the various dildo varieties and unsure what to consider while making a purchase. Before you start buying, we will assist you in establishing the fundamentals.

Here are the top 5 items we recommend for all of the newbies out there:

  1. Clone-A-Willy Silicone Dildo Blue Glow in the Dark
    With this penis casting kit, you can simply and safely create a vibrating silicone duplicate of ANY penis in the comfort of your own home. The penis casting kit from Clone-A-Willy employs medically approved molding gel to capture incredibly lifelike detail, making it the most customized cock casting ever created. It’s enjoyable and straightforward to accomplish!
  • SAFETY: The body-safe materials used in the Clone-A-Willy penis casting kit ensure astonishingly lifelike detail. The silicone used here is medical-grade platinum cure silicone which is free of any chemicals, the holy grail of sex toys in any luxury sex toys store, and the molding powder being used is not just any but high-grade alginate made from seaweed.
  • COMPONENTS: Premium quality silicone, Single-speed vibrator, Algae-based molding powder, 1 piece Molding tube (2.5 inches wide, 11 inches tall), Simple instruction manual.
  • MATERIAL: Silicone.


  1. Icicles No. 57 Double-sided Textured Glass Dildo
    This large glass dildo gets prettier as you look at it each day.  This exquisite range of glass massagers is elegant, upmarket, and hand-crafted with incredible attention to detail. This glass wand is stylish, one-of-a-kind, and designed for rough play. With this beautiful double-sided glass massager, you can have twice as much fun. The spherical head hits all the appropriate places, and each end has a tapered tip to facilitate insertion.
  • The hypoallergenic glassware is nonporous, safe for the body, and is made to last a lifetime. As the glass is nonporous, cleanup is simple. To heat the contents, run it under warm water or put it in the microwave. Feel chilly, run it under cold water, or preferably put it in the freezer for a few hours.
  • COMPONENTS: Single unit of a large glass dildo
  • MATERIAL: Non-porous glass


  1. Naughty Bits Ombre Hombre Vibrating Dildo
    This vibrating Dildo is one of the soft dildos, a lifelike dong with 10 powerful vibrating modes that will make you sparkle inside and out. It has a shimmering glitter finish that makes it look the prettiest. The springy silicone base and realistic-feeling dong are ready for playtime. With the simple-touch control button, have fun navigating between 10 sumptuous vibrations, pulsation, and escalation features. Make sure to capture your lover’s smile before and after using this due to its real-feel design and spectacular glitter finish.
  • SAFETY: The most sensitive areas of your body will remain happy and healthy with this body-safe material’s lack of fragrance and phthalates. This dildo’s eye-catching colors and orgasmic characteristics make them stand out among all others.
  • COMPONENTS: One single unit of vibrating soft dildos
  • MATERIAL: Silicone


  1. Dillio Strap on Suspender Harness Set
    This one is the ideal option for ladies searching for a fashionable double ended strap on harness gear that stays put when the game heats up! The sizeable handcrafted Dildo that comes with this innovative harness set enhances it even further by providing all the stimulation. This gorgeous suspender system ensures that your strap-on Dildo stays precisely where you want it to with heavy flexible nylon shoulder straps attached to a comfy double ended strap on harness! In this configuration, the soft dildos are held in place by a stretchable silicone O-ring, and four strategically placed support straps keep you looking great while being in action.
  • SAFETY: The soft harness is entirely body safe, latex free against your skin, and makes it feel great, and the plush nylon shoulder, waist, and thigh straps are all easily adjustable to accommodate most sizes.
  • COMPONENTS: Body-safe silicone dildo, strong nylon shoulder straps,
    silicone-based stretchy o-ring to hold dildo, harness works with most suction cup dildos, 3 free silicone o-rings.


  1. King Cock Strap-On Harness
    This is what you’ve been seeking if you want your debut double-ended strap-on to appear and feel authentic. The most lifelike experience ever imagined is provided to you by delicately handcrafting each vein, shaft, and head. When used without the harness, the large suction-cup base sticks to any smooth, flat surface for enjoyable wall-banging.

    This has been designed so that the sturdy vinyl harness holds everything in place. The velcro straps keep the O-ring firmly in place, while the metal belt buckles guarantee that it won’t fall away during the excitement. With each wear, the form-fitting design becomes softer and more suited to your body’s curves.

  • SAFETY: Each of these large dildos is made in Pipedream’s cutting-edge rubber manufacturing facility, which provides only premium quality products, and it is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, and latex-free, which makes it completely body safe
  • COMPONENTS: 1 unit of Dildo, Heavy duty vinyl adjustable harness, 3 units of free Silicone O-Rings


Finally, it is very advised that you use lubricant with your dildo.

With dildos from Twice Tonight, a proper lubricant is much more important than usual. According to experts, their texture has more friction than the skin, so pairing your dildo with your preferred lubrication will result in the smoothest, slickest sensation possible. Use water-based lubrication instead of silicone lube while using a silicone toy. Enjoy your dildo shopping!


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