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We specialized in baby back ribs, but our menu goes way further than that – explore dishes from different cuisines.


Mark Brimble

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Our restaurants have been designed to dominate the market in terms of baby back ribs. Who could refuse a well cooked crunchy dish?

Our menus go further than that though. Enjoy casual fine dining based on recipes from all over the world, as well as a good selection of wines.

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Top dishes

We have a comprehensive menu with options for everyone. Feel free to browse our most popular dishes and discover their secrets.

  • Fall off the bone oven baked ribs
  • Oven barbecue ribs
  • Baked BBQ baby back ribs
  • Sticky oven barbecue ribs
  • Baby back ribs with Carolina baste
  • One pan baby back ribs
  • Slow cooked baby back pork ribs
  • Korean pork ribs


Back Ribs



“By far the best ribs I have ever had. It is a one stop shop for all your meaty needs, but there are good options for vegetarians and vegans too.”

John Wood
Regular customer

“You just cannot go wrong with this place. It is specialized in ribs, but you have more options in terms of meat. Good selection of drinks too.”

Scott Unsworth
Regular customer

“One of my favorite places out there – it does takeaway too. Try the ribs, yet the stake is just as great. Excellent job!”

Martin Oldham
Regular customer

The Ultimate Guide on Red Maeng Da Kratom

Traditional herbal medicine has gained an increased global interest in these recent years, with emerging trends of healing formulations and plant-based medicine. About 60-70% of the world’s population use concepts of ancient and accumulated knowledge applied in a holistic approach in present day healthcare.

Mitragyna speciosa (commonly known as kratom), a coffee plant family native to Southeast Asia particularly Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have been used since the 19th Century for its medicinal properties.

Kratoms are divided mainly as red vein, white vein and green vein depending on the colour of the stem and leaf. Apart from its medicinal uses, Kratom also comes with a history that the locals used the leaves (known as Maeng Da) in drinks for recreational purposes.

Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom has a history of 150 years, with the local population using this substance ingeniously to help them work in their fields without getting fatigued, chewed the leaves to increase their energy and also used it as a local anaesthetic for pain management.

Red Maeng Da Kratom

Famous for its intensely relaxing aroma, Red Maeng Da Kratom is one of the best-selling and most popular strains in use. Also known as Red vein Maeng Da, it derives its name from the red colour of veins on leaves.

These leaves have an alkaloid property which can be used for as potent pain relievers and also inducing feelings of well-being. Compared to other strains of kratom, Red Vein Maeng Da has shown more potent and stronger effects in its users.

Red Maeng Da has the highest content of a chemical called Mitragynine, which acts on the brain’s opioid receptors and thus alleviating pain and inducing a state of relaxation.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Effects

  • STIMULANT– The Red Maeng Da reportedly provides a stimulating effect like the feeling of awareness and improved concentration. Users experience similar effects to that of intaking caffeine, making them more alert and active.
  • PAIN RELIEF – Mitragynine present in Maeng Da Red Vein Kratom, mimics opioid drugs such as morphine and codeine in relieving pain. Most patients experiencing chronic pain in diseases like arthritis resort to using Maeng Da as a pain killer.
  • SEDATIVE– Maeng Da Red Vein at higher doses works like a sedative, depressing the brain’s activity and inducing a sense of calm. Irregular sleep cycles and insomnia can be managed by using Red Maeng Da kratom.
  • MOOD ENHANCER– Red Maeng Da users report a range of mood uplifting sensations from euphoria and an elevated sense of achievement and enthusiasm. Kratoms work on the sympathetic nervous system producing effects similar to that of dopamine and serotonin, inducing a ‘feel good’ factor in the brain.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Consumption

Maeng Da Red Kratom can be used in different forms such as: –

  • powders,
  • gum,
  • capsules,
  • liquid extract
  • dried leaf extract

The fresh leaves and dried leaves are made into tea that was served as a traditional drink in parts of Thailand and Indonesia.

Smoking and vaping are newer methods of consumption, which is gaining momentum in recent years.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Dosage

There is no proven evidence or studies that suggest the correct dosage of using Kratom Red Vein Maeng Da.

The recommended dosage is anywhere between 2 to 5 gms depending on age, sex, health factors and various other supporting factors like method of ingestion and strain types.

It is important to take kratom on an empty stomach to improve the onset of effects and for better absorption.

In a 2018 study conducted by the university of Florida, USA, doses of about 5gms consumed 3 times a day was adequate to produce the desired effects.

Does Red Maeng Da Get You High?

Kratom Red Maeng Da users report a feeling of happiness and ‘chasing the blues away’ making them more at ease.

Users also claim to have a heightened sense of enthusiasm and euphoria. Maeng Da Red Vein is said to bring a feeling of happiness and relaxation, delivering a range of other pleasant emotions.

Although Kratom is well tolerated by many people, it can come with some potentially dangerous side effects. These can interact with other substances like alcohol and lead to life threatening complications.

Long term use of Kratom Red Maeng Da has shown dependency in users and sudden unavailability can cause withdrawal symptoms.

Other Adverse effects include;

  • Tongue numbness
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Herb-drug interactions

In rare cases kratom overdose may result in death

Is Red Maeng Da Kratom Right for you?

Red Maeng Da might is used for medicinal purposes but the risks outweigh the benefits. It might be important to consult your physician before using kratom as a medication.

A complete and detailed understanding of the effects and risks involved in using a substance is necessary. Kratom may help relieve certain symptoms but will always come with a price – the negative side effects.

If you decide to take Red Maeng Da, proceed with caution. Check with a small dose to see if you’re experiencing any adverse effects. Avoid driving and using heavy machinery. Seek medical attention if you’re experiencing serious side effects.

Recreational use of Red Maeng Da has been questionable, the FDA of US has banned import and dietary use of kratom as a supplement. About 16 countries regulate its use with certain countries urging the government to penalize the use of Maeng Da.

The use of Maeng Da for recreational purposes without prior knowledge or understanding of the risks involved could be potentially life-threatening.

The risk of substance abuse and drug dependency with Maeng da Kratom usage overrides its positive effects and must be taken into consideration before use.

A Quick Look into Yellow Borneo Kratom

Are you wondering about the new popular Kratom in the market that’s driving the customers crazy?

Yes, we are talking about the new Yellow vein Kratom. Yellow Vein Kratom is the new in-demand mystique variant apart from the most used three kratom strains that are the red vein, white vein & green vein. And not to be surprised, the most admired Kratom among the Yellow Vein category is none other than the Yellow Vein Borneo Kratom. Yellow Borneo Kratom is made through the exceptional drying procedure of the matured red Borneo Kratom leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa plants found in the tropical forests of the northern region of Borneo.

Yellow Borneo Kratom Effects

As per the latest reviews, most of the consumers have quoted that the effects of Borneo Yellow Kratom last longer than that of its cousins & it offers a balance between sedation & relaxation. The most highlighted effects of Kratom yellow Borneo referred by the consumers are:

Mystical Pain relief

Most of the consumers reviewed that Borneo Yellow Vein offered a slight mystical Pain relief from the physical tensions they were experiencing then.

Improvised concentration & Focus enhancer

A good number of reviews from the student community emphasized that Yellow Vein Borneo Kratom improved their concentration and focus.

Mood & vibe setting

Reviews from the consumers in the corporate sector praised the Kratom Yellow Vein Borneo as a great choice to relax and take the edge off after a hectic work schedule.


Apart from the students and the working sector Yellow Borneo Kratom was also admired by the senior citizen population for enhancing their mood and helping them reach a state of happiness. The reviews also highlighted how thankful they are to the Yellow Borneo Vein Kratom for the quality time they can now spend with their grandchildren due to this state of happiness.

Yellow Borneo Kratom dosage

The dose or Borneo yellow kratom is a very personal thing just like it’s siblings. It varies from individual to individual.

And the dosage also depends on the form it is consumed like powder or capsules and not to mention the quality. Because it may differ from manufacturers to manufacturers.

For the beginners of Yellow Vein Borneo Kratom. It is recommended to start slowly.

You are advised to take 1 – 2 grams of your first dose of Kratom yellow Borneo and wait for 30 -45 minutes. By then you are expected to experience the slight effects of Kratom. If you don’t, you might have to go ahead with consuming another 1 – 2 grams more and analyze your experience

It’s completely up to you to analyze and determine what your dose should be.

Where to buy Yellow Borneo Kratom

The quality of Kratom varies among the manufacturers or vendors. Yellow Borneo Kratom being very rare and high in demand there are a lot of possibilities that consumers might get misled to buy poor quality Kratom from the wrong manufacturers.

I am a big fan of Kratom Yellow Vein Borneo bought from BKN Kratom. I have personally tried other alternatives and I believe BKN Kratom sell the finest quality of Yellow Borneo Kratom.

I preferred to go with the capsule variant available with them, as it would help me get a clear idea of the dose, I take in.

Which one do you personally prefer: Kratom capsules/ Kratom powder?

Let us know below!

All About Yellow Indo Kratom

Have you come across this term for the very first time and wondering what really is this Yellow Indo kratom? This article will surely help you get a clear knowledge about the kratom.

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree belonging to the coffee family which is known as “Mitragyna speciose” in biological terms and it is natively found in Southeast Asia. The kratom is also found in other parts of the world such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and some other countries as well. Kratom became a known name because of its properties of traits of opioids and some stimulant-like effect.

Kratom is further classified into different types such as Red, Green, and White based on their veins. Each of these kratoms has a different effect on its consumption. And these Kratoms generally adapt their names from the roots and colour of their veins to better identify them. And this is adequate to enlighten the origin and type of Yellow Indo Kratom.

Different Strains of Kratom

The kratom strains get their names by their origin and the colour of the leaf veins during the time of harvesting. the colour tends to be the first part of the strains name while its origin is generally mentioned in the second half.

What gives kratom its final colour is a combination of the colours of the leaf veins during harvest coupled with different drying and fermentation techniques. And all these factors ultimately give the Kratom either a red, green, white, or yellow colour.

As the Kratom trees go through its cyclic life cycles which means the life and death of leaves that are dictated by the seasons. In the springtime when new leaves develop the veins will be white. Then in summertime, the leaf veins will change from white to green and toward the end of its cyclic life cycle during the fall the leaf veins will be re before they fall off and die. The harvesters collect most of the leaves before they hit the ground.

The Drying Technique

As mentioned before that the Kratom gets its colour from the veins and the drying technique used gives us our desired Yellow Kratom.

White Vein Kratom

To get a White vein Kratom white vein leaf is generally dried indoors in the dark and subjected to an air-conditioned environment.

Yellow Vein Kratom

To achieve the Yellow Vein Indo the white leaves are processed the same as the same white vein Kratom but once done drying inside they are subjected to various times in the sun and shade thus obtaining the desired Yellow Vein Kratom.

Red Vein Kratom

The red vein kratom is dried outside either in direct sunlight or under UV lamps and it is also subjected to different times in shades before its ground to a fine powder.

All these drying techniques are used in a manner accordingly to get the desired Kratom.

Yellow Indo Kratom Effects

The Yellow Indo has become a worldwide known phenomenon because of its effects on consumption. By consuming the Yellow Indo Kratom, you can receive cocoa-like stimulant effects and opium-like depressant effects and its various properties have allowed it to be used in recreational work and medical settings.

The Indo Yellow Vein Kratom has a set of effects which make it a regular dose of consumption for the local inhabitants where the kratom is cultivated and Among its positive effects are:

  • Stimulation
  • Sedation
  • Euphoria
  • Greater sexual desire
  • Enhanced work output
  • Greater sociability
  • Increased motivation
  • Pain relief
  • fatigue

However, everything has a downside to it and it’s the same with the Yellow Indo kratom. When consumed in a larger quantity these Indo Yellow Vein have an undesirable effect on our body such as:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Hangover
  • Itchiness
  • Reduced Sexual performance

Stimulant effects are generally shorter-lasting and occur with lower doses whereas high doses bring about longer-lasting depressant effects. And too much of anything is bad for us if consumed on a larger dose every day this Yellow Indo Vein can also cause adverse effects on a person such as respiratory difficulty, liver damage, and may also become fatal for being.

Yellow Indo Kratom Dosage

The Indo Yellow Kratom can be consumed orally or in the form of a refreshing tea however, there are no lesser known sources of its consumption in the form of smoking. These yellow Indo Veins are now widely available in the form of pills and powder for easy consumption. When consumed orally this Yellow Indo effect lasts for about 2 to 4 hours and begins working in 15 to 20 minutes after consumption. Some hangover or afterglow effects can exist for up to 6 hours after use.

How much Yellow Indo Kratom should I Take?

After learning about the various benefits surrounding this tiny Indo Kratom the thing that crosses each mind is how much Kratom Yellow Vein Indo should I consume to fully utilize the potential of this leave. After a detailed study by the researcher and botanists have come to a conclusion that a light dosage if the Indo Kratom Vein can be around 2-4 grams. If consumed in this quantity the Indo Kratom will have a very light effect on a person.

The common standard of consumption for the Indo vein is between 3-5 grams which are the moderate and perfect quantity to achieve the effect on one without any adverse effect. However, if consumed in a quantity of more than 5 grams it will surely harm your body. And these high doses can even harm a healthy person.

These standard measures of consumption though are variable depending on the current health conditions and past medical history of a consumer. One should always consult some advisable person when you are thinking to start the consumption of Yellow Indo Kratom. As there have been adverse effects when it comes in combination with other drugs. Be knowable and make the best use of these leaves in our life.