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Mas Millennium (S) Pte Ltd

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Mas Millennium (Singapore) Private Limited was incorporated on November 28, 1991 to act as a holding company to develop Tony Roma's restaurants in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.

The company has a Territorial Agreement with RomaCorp, Inc., that gives Mas Millennium the exclusive rights to develop 15 Tony Roma's restaurants in these 7 Asian countries. Each individual restaurant operation has an independent franchise agreement for a 10-year period.

In June 1996, Mas Millennium signed a development agreement with RomaCorp that will see the introduction of Tony Roma's in Germany and Australia. The franchise agreement gives Mas Millennium the rights to open and operate 5 Tony Roma's restaurants in Germany and 3 outlets in Australia.

Mas Millennium is headed by Lucy Prananto, President and Chief Executive officer, and supported by a highly qualified team to ensure the professional implementation of the concept throughout the region.

Currently, Mas Millennium operates 7 full service restaurants in the following cities:

  • Singapore (2 restaurants);
  • Jakarta (3 restaurants);
  • Tangerang (1 restaurant);
  • Bangkok (1 restaurant);